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Art and Weddings

Nature. In general, it is beautiful. The sky, sand, beaches, forests, nature itself is extremely beautiful. It is a work of God and biodiversity, to sustain, to protect, and to enhance life on earth.

Humans. In general, it is also beautiful, a masterpiece, a natural work of art. Humans vary in forms, features, and cultures. Humans are naturally created to sustain, to protect, and to enhance life on earth. However over time, humans tend to develop more, to create beauty to what the earth has to offer. Different cultures, works of art in forms of literary, paintings, and music, were set to celebrate more to the beauty of life. Life itself is a work of art that needs continuous improvement and preservation to create more diverse culture on earth.

Another beautiful thing that humans created is love. Love, in general, is a feeling that when experienced, tends to make you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Love is beautiful, and it makes everything beautiful when you are in love. If you are with someone you love, the everyday metro traffic does not seem to play its tricky part on you. Moments with your loved ones make it highly special. Surprises are definitely different when it came from your most loved husband or wife, or even children.

David and Cherry clearly showed that love is a work of art that indeed is worth preserving forever. Taken last November 12, 2015 at Shangri-la Boracay.