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Of Honesty, Loyalty, and Tranquility

Honest, loyal, and tranquil.

On honesty, the color of blue tells about sincerity and genuineness of people expressing their strong feelings about something. The color of blue brings out the passion of a person towards something or someone. The color of blue will always tell the truth about everything that a person wants to express. A person in love is sincere, and he will express everything that he wants to tell to his loved one, without reservations.

On loyalty, the color of blue tells about devotion, the faithfulness of a person towards someone. Along the way, the person in love with someone else is highly devoted, and that he will never look for somebody else because he sees the beauty of blue in the person that he’s in love with.

On tranquility, the color of blue tells about peace and calmness. Imagine, looking up above the cloudless sky, seeing everything that is blue and wide. That’s how calm it is. No matter how bad your day gets or no matter how stressful you are, seeing him gives order to all the negativity you feel inside.

Taken during the peaceful wedding of Derick and Ariene at the Manila Cathedral last June 6, 2015.