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For Time and All Eternity

Guy meets girl. Guy looks at girl. Girl smiles. Guy approaches. Girl says hello.

Relationships typically start that way, and along the way, those simple greetings and exchanged conversations will lead to something more special, something sweeter, and something more romantic. Beyond that are ways to spend more time with your special someone. Planned coffee or dinner dates or any spontaneous dates that he might have planned for a while, just to have that small chance to get to know you more deeply, which in return you will accept because you, too, are looking forward for that moment. Also, if there are chances that you can spend the whole day being comfortable with each other, blurting out jokes, and experiencing sweet moments together, you will grab it because you are with your special person.

Beyond that, is something that needs commitment, that is, if you two are willing to create, is more enjoyable if fulfilled with happiness, romance, and children! Yes, the fulfillment of being married to your special someone, creating a beautiful life together, having blessed with wonderful children, and living your life together for time and all eternity are the ultimate accomplishments in life.

Indeed, it is a long, long process to achieve those ultimate goals in life, and you will need someone who will help you go the extra mile.

Congratulations to Martin and Jackie, who celebrated their love and commitment for each other last March 20, 2015 at Shangri-la Mactan in Cebu!