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Prenup Shoot at Wawa Dam

At the height of the blazing heat of the afternoon sun, together with couple Alejandro Blay and Laurie Reyes, we all hike up all the way from Quezon City to the municipality of Rodriguez in Rizal, Province wherein the exact location of the scheduled pre-nuptial shoot will take place.

I’ve seen too many beautiful images from the Wawa Dam and it was really my very first time to see the place. The place was also known as Montalban Dam, it’s a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River in the Province of Rizal. The slightly arched dam is situated at the 1,180 feet high Montalban Gorge and used to be the only source of clean water for Manila until Angat Dam was built, and was abandoned due to insufficiency of water supply for Metro Manila.

Now, the place was reconstructed and become Montalban‘s known tourist destination, and yes, a very nice place to commune and fascinate with Mother Nature. Though the place becomes not only a home now for a few local residents, I was surprised and impressed to see the place as relatively clean and well maintained sort of recreational spots and commercialized resort, wherein the unique Wawa Dam was transformed into a sort of an eye-catching bamboo rafting, swimming, hiking and picnic areas are obtained, making the place a such peaceful and serene place to best defined for a chill and good relaxation.

Though the place can be easily attainable via minimum of 1 1/2 hour drive depending upon traffic conditions, its really a life-risking adventure, wherein I need to sacrifice self in taking extra precautions engaging in a new pre-nuptial shooting experience at the Wawa Dam. That’s definitely, one great heroic part from the part of any photographer, risking own life of course for the safety of our clients and not for any experimentation acts just to be known and noticed.

Definitely also, in achieving every great images after images, you’ll have to risk own safeness not just for the love of art but always, making our clients satisfied, at ease and happy as well with our works are the best and priceless payoff in return of our very own efforts and creative endeavors.

What I really like about the place are the lush green, extremely large boulders and the clean-crystal-clear flowing water. It’s really that easy to wonder and fascinate such unique and so serene place. The hardest part were the slippery portion of the place, wherein it is so difficult to hold firmly or stand on a balsa (a bamboo raft) because of the rapid flowing water and some smooth, wet or slimy area of the place, and always watching our steps as we walk from one stone to another, and that really requires careful steps from one boulder to the next, and crossing in great balance at the bamboo pole bridges to reach the picnic cottages and the waterfalls.

But nonetheless, the pre-nuptial engagement with Alejandro and Laurie was really an amusing and exciting one, sealed with another one-of-a-kind experience as we all wonder with those boulders and great sight of flowing water from a dam that reminds me of the man-made falls in Villa Escudero in San Pablo City wherein tourists both locally and internationally really did enjoyed.

Furthermore, all images were taken straight from my ever reliable all-weather proof Fujifilm XT1 10-24mm f4 and 55-140mm f2.8 with the best hold of my cameras, the Spider Holster and Phottix professional photo accessories without any post-process or any manipulation, as purest images as it gets. Also, I get to test the stability in my shooting at low speed using my 55-140mm f2.8 Fujifilm XF lens and transfer directly the images from my XT1 Silver Graphite mirror-less camera through its built-in wi-fi.